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Surveying with drones / UAVs in many cases is an efficient add-on to terrestrial surveying. Quite a few users simply „fly“ and subsequently struggle with the challenges of photogrammetry.

Our workshops divide in a BASIC and an ADVANCED part and your booking can consist of either one, or both in a bundle with a discount. Flexibility is our key to make you successful right from the start. So there are options with regard to the very specific content you need,

# What pre-planning must be considered for a flight?
# To what extent do optical parameters of my prior assessment affect the quality of the final product?
# What are the physical limits with regard to my projects and how can i deal with them?
# How accurate are my final products with regard to scales and georeference?
# Which hardware is required and which work steps lead me to a high-quality result?
# …

We have developed professional workshops for beginners and advanced drone users, which can be booked individually or combined. We impart the content also in a practical way and your benefit is a much steeper learning curve.

In a city near you, or in-house in your company.

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Drones & Photogrammetry

Fundamentals of the production of surveying products from drone flights

The theory and practice of efficient planning, aerial survey & data analysis.

Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry

Technical and historical background of photogrammetry – from the beginning to the final digital product.

Project and flight preparation in surveying

In a vivid way important knowledge in the planning and preparation of entry flights is imparted. Using practical examples, we train your process from the first evaluation through to 3D model generation.

Survey flight with drones (practice)

Learn in practice how to do the right flight planning with waypoints, POI and area mapping. In good weather conditions, we carry out a survey flight on site and work together through the process.

The baiscs of Agisoft Metashape

Overview of the structure, the general functions and the most important settings.

Data analysis with Agisoft Metashape

Handling of photo data and geodetic references. Construction and handling of point clouds, meshes and orthophotos.

Work steps within Agisoft Metashape

Training on the individual work steps from image acquisition to the final product. Evaluation of own data from the practical part. Making the image reference and optimizing the camera positions. Creation of point clouds, triangulation, texturing and projections.

Processing & Data Refinement

Data processing with Metashape

Possibilities for editing the model data directly with the photogrammetry software.

Scaling and referencing

Transfer of scales to objects and models and georeferencing with global spatial reference.

Measurements within digital models

Determination of distances, areas and volumes in 3D models. Determination of point coordinates and generation of contour lines.

Classification of point clouds and automatic workflows

Learn about automation features and the key details about producing high quality product.

Fine tuning in different types of projections

Manual intervention into the production of orthophotos and handling of cylindrical objects.

Export functions and external tools

Transfer of generated data to external specialized tools, CAD and geographic information systems (GIS). Basics in the further processing of meshes and point clouds. Adaptation of the generated data to the IT landscape of the users.





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