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The proper way to get quality and accuracy on the spot.

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Do you want to establish aerial surveying in your company?
Do you want your surveying office to learn the necessary tools for your projects in a short time?

+ frequently hold workshops (theory and practice) for beginners and advanced users
+ provide advise to companies on the implementation of upcoming surveying projects
+ are also on hand to provide online training and take you through challenging projects

In many cases surveying with drones/UAVs is an efficient addition to terrestrial survey work. However, be carefiul here, as quite a few users „just rush out and go flying“ and subsequently struggle with the many challenges of remote sensing.

We will back you up – at short notice and in a practical manner.
You benefit from a steep learning curve and quickly achieve the first professional results.

In a city near you, in-house at your company, or in a 1:1 online training on a shared screen.

Topic overview (selection):

+ What preliminary planning needs to be considered for an aerial survey?
+ To what extent do optical parameters of my acquisition affect the quality of the final product?
+ How can I push the physical limits depending on the project?
+ How accurate and dimensionally stable are my finished products?
+ What hardware is needed and what steps will lead me to a high-quality result?

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